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daughters of gaïa

Gaia, goddess of the earth, and her daughters- here to make the world a better place. This collection is inspired by all the women who treat the earth with motherly love. All the way back to Egyptian goddesses, an important symbol for us, inspiring the powerful reign of women. Combining our passion for ancient handcrafted treasures alongside our desire to empower the female presence in today’s society. All the charms are removable, so they can move from your neck, to your bracelet or ankles.

"We collected ancient roman coins and casted them in wax, removing the male portraits and replacing them with an inspired version of important female role models. These coins are not only significant in their origin, but weigh a lot in our hearts with the souls they now represent.”   

- Charlotte, Founder and Designer

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Daughters of Gaïa

Jade CharmJade Charm

Jade Charm

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