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Deux Lions Jewelry

Deux Lions Jewelry is run by a brother sister duo driven by nature’s wild beauty and fierce beings.

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Their Story

Charlotte studied metalsmithing in Brooklyn, then came home to Montreal where she founded Deux Lions, naming the company after her two lion sized brothers. Her younger one, Alex, joined the team as co-owner soon after, launching the men’s line, Deux Lions Homme. Their studio is based in the heart of the Plateau, where you can make appointments for custom orders or a glass of wine. 


Their Mission

Their mission is to provide women with the ability to feel beautiful no matter their age or size, embracing their individuality while treating themselves to some well deserved sustainable luxury. The men's line doing the same for the humble gentleman.

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Their Jewelry

All the jewelry is handcrafted with love, using the best materials for a high quality, low maintenance lifestyle. Their effortlessly cool look is inspired the versatile individuality and strength found within women.

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Deux Lions Beach Motel

As if from some external creative impulse, they created a world where the sun is always shining, and the dreamy sight of mermaids swimming into the sunset fades before your eyes. The beach bum culture runs through their blood, French music floating in the air, effortless laughter echoes afar. A place for a mysterious lover rendez vous, even if it’s with yourself.

Come into our world, stay at the Deux Lions Beach Motel.

We’ll meet you there xx

Charlotte's Favorite

Pijama Signet Ring

Charlotte loves the gold signet ring she made in collaboration with an LA band she sings with, called Pijama Land. They make music at the Deux Lions Beach Motel, check them out on Instagram @pijama.land or on Spotify. 

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She also loves the Solid Gold

Agatha Necklace

This necklace is very close to her heart because it is in collaboration with ReThink Breast Cancer Foundation. Not only is this necklace beautiful for the everyday outfit, but proceeds go directly to the foundation. 

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Alex's Favorite

Wild Stack Bracelets

Alex loves his chains and signet rings, but cannot get enough of the Wild Stack bracelet combo. A perfect effortless and layered look for a high quality, minimum maintenance vibe (just how he likes it).

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